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  1. Digital Escape Room

    1 room, 4 people, 20 minutes on the dot: Red Bull Mind Gamers levels up the Escape Room trend, introducing it to the digital world. Who’s going to master all the tasks delivered by the four screens within the given time? The fastest team of four will be greatly rewarded. Red Bull Mind Gamers – the logic challenge starting February in the Media World. More information here.

  2. Formula E Simulator

    The latest motor racing innovation is approaching on tip-toes. You’ll be able to try Formula E – the future of motor racing – for yourself: at the Media World, seat yourself in the cockpit, pop the virtual reality goggles on and challenge the Swiss Formula-E world champion 2016, Sébastien Buemi, to a duel. The fastest laps will be rewarded with a trip to a real Formula-E race. Get more information about the competition here.

  3. Virtual Reality Gaming

    Are you ready for a completely new gaming experience? At Media World, you have the opportunity to test Virtual Reality Gaming for yourself! Discover games, which were developed in Switzerland, and dive into a three-dimensional world that feels deceptively real. Learn more here.